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Private Lessons are custom tailored to your specific needs and goals and can be scheduled on an ongoing basis or on as needed basis when preparing for a specific audition or performance. 




Brought to you by Education @ Hartford Stage in 2 locations:

Downtown Hartford location and valley location in Simsbury

Youth Theatre Ensemble 


Be a part of this exciting  theater troupe, where students will explore their creativity through dance, musical vocal performance & drama instruction.  This program is a collaboration of The Complete Actor Studio and Education @ Hartford Stage. We offer two seasons;  the first begins in September culminating with a musical performance in November and the second meets in winter from January to March as students devise an original play.


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B.A. and B.FA. Preparation is a complicated process. Let us help you take control of the process and so you can take your college auditions by storm


We will help you with the stress, anxiety, and overwhelming aspects out of the the college audition process. We can help you provide clarity around selecting a program and can arm you with the skills to confidently and joyfully share your talents in the college audition room.  


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LIVE ART is a groundbreaking, inclusive arts education program for students of all abilities, culminating in a major public concert. Students with a range of disabilities work alongside their typically developing peers in a variety of visual and performing arts classes. They rehearse their performances while building relationships and understanding of one another using the program's unique C.A.R.E. curriculum based on compassion, acceptance, respect, and empathy.



Laughter is the best medicine


Part of our own therapy, (HA!) we are a group of folks, many with no background at all in performance who have formed the group Altnertive Slacks. This Comedy Improv Troupe meets regularly on Thursday evenings to practice and hone the craft of long and short form improv. We also offer performances for general audiences.  

Oh, and we're wicked funny. 


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Theatre is one of the most civil environments in the world


Art is one of the most important cornerstones shaping culture: the norms, ideals, hopes, dreams. It is also where we challenge issues, tell the stories of the disenfranchised, marginalized and explore our fears.

Theater arts, wether you are an observer or a performer, is the one of the best places to pl learn, grow, connect, challenge, understand and accept. 


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