Theatre is one of the best arenas for civil discourse

Theatre continues to be a place to represent the stories of our time, the past, and our hopes for the future. In theatre there is an understanding and agreement that the relationship is to be done respectfully.  Therefore the theatre is one of the more important places to challenge norms, review past transgressions, fight for the oppressed, challenge unfair ideologies and push boundaries.  All the while by doing it compassionately.  

Live theatre is one of the most civil functions in our society because of the agreement that exists between creative team, the performers, and the audience.  The creative team agrees to tell the story to the best of their abilities. The performers agree to tell the story as honestly and authentically as possible.  And the audience agrees to respect all of that effort and work by listening respectfully and absorbing as much of the story as possible.  Even if you disagree with the content, you agree to the sharing of the experience and commitment to the story.  

In this arena we can disagree with the material but respect the process.   By listening quietly and attentively the audience can hear a new perspective or experience someone else's life in an intimate way.  It is also a place to share a greater understanding of the different human experiences that we each have while also being reminded of the humanity that connects us all.

In these times of discourse, polarity and judgement, I encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and see a play or musical that you would not have experienced otherwise. Sit quietly in the dark and agree to listen, learn and love your fellow man.