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JULY  9th-19th  Mon, Wed, Thurs  1:00-3:00pm

(FINAL PERFORMANCE on 7/19 at 4:00pm

Ages 12-18

Be ready for Fall Auditions with this essential workshop! 

This two week summer workshop will focus on preparing individual audition pieces and performance work.  The class will cover close-reading of spoken word and lyrics, analysis of the “musical clues” within a musical number, and acting techniques that help singers and actors work through difficult and exciting emotional or vocal moments.  For both song and monologue work, we will break down pieces into beats and examine the arc of the work. Our focus will be developing connection with the material and clearly communicating the story to audience/spectator.   

No previous experience necessary, and all levels of experience will be supported!  Students are encouraged to bring in songs or monologues they like or have chosen as audition pieces. Instructor can also provide guidance in selecting appropriate material. Please provide vocal range when registering.    Session will end with a performance/musical review for family or friends.  

Instructor:  Penelope Kokines Sanborn