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TUESDAYS, FEB 20- MAR 20  6:15-7:15 PM

AGES 14-18  Experience - Beginner to Advance

Learn the freedom of acting without a net, while expanding on your creativity, relying on your natural instincts and just plain having fun! Improv develops flexibility in performance and teaches students to work from the top of their brains, while trusting their fellow performers and working in agreement with cast mates.   Students will enjoy games and exercises similar to what is seen amongst top sketch and comedic improv troops. We will also explore dramatic forms of improv.  

Students can enroll in multiple sessions as skills build on each other.


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WEDNESDAYS, FEB 21-MAR 28 5:30-6:30PM

AGES 10-17 Experience:  Beginner to Advanced. 

Learn the technical side of acting in front of the camera, understand angles, distance and performance techniques specific to film. Students will work on camera with copy provided for them and will have the opportunity to review their work, receive feedback and expand their tools in their acting toolbox.  Studentswill have the opportunity to see themselves on film and be able to evaluate their own work.


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MONDAYS, APRIl 16th - MAY 21st, 5:45-7:15PM

AGES 14-18 Experience: Intermediate to advanced

Expand your acting skills with a more advanced practice with complex scenes and exercises to help you create truthful expression on stage or film.   We will expand your repertoire, deepen your practice while learning and honing  technique.   Expand your acting tools for solving performance challenges and push  yourself outside of your comfort zone. 


THURSDAYS, APR 19-JUNE 7 4:00-6:00PM

AGES 10-18 Experience:  Beginner to Advanced. 

Explore and expand your singing, dancing and acting the song skills in this 8 week intensive.  Students will participate in solos, small group numbers and large ensemble numbers while preparing for a cabaret performance on Thursday, June 7th.  Work with our musical director and director on healthy vocal technique, vocal performance skills and song execution in this high energy class.  Master integrating dance technique into the musical numbers in a variety of performance styles.  This a great opportunity for expanded practice for the advanced student to work with professional performers or for the beginner student to start to tip their toe in the water!

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OR JUNE 25-JUNE 29th      9:00am-4:00pm

AGES 12-18 Experience:  Beginner to Advanced. 

Grease it Up! Two fun-filled weeks of acting, singing, and dancing to the music and story of your all-time favorite musical Grease! 

Week 1: Beauty School Drop-Out - June 18th-22nd

Week 2: Grease Lightning - June 25th-29th - Price: $459

(Bring a snack, lunch, and water.)

Discount available if you enroll in both weeks. 


Suggested Attire: Comfortable clothing you can move in, hair pulled back, jazz shoes or bare feet.


MON, WED THUR , JULY 9-JULY 19th 1:00-3:00PM

AGES 12-18 Experience:  Beginner to Advanced. 


This two week summer workshop will focus on preparing individual audition pieces and performance work.  The class will cover close-reading of spoken word and lyrics, analysis of the “musical clues” within a musical number, and acting techniques that help singers and actors work through difficult and exciting emotional or vocal moments.  For both song and monologue work, we will break down pieces into beats and examine the arc of the work. Our focus will be developing connection with the material and clearly communicating the story to audience/spectator.   

No previous experience necessary, and all levels of experience will be supported!  Students are encouraged to bring in songs or monologues they like or have chosen as audition pieces. Instructor can also provide guidance in selecting appropriate material. Please provide vocal range when registering.    Session will end with a performance/musical review for family or friends.  



COMING SOON:  Sceneworks, Shakespeare Study, Dramatic Improv and MORE.

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