What can you expect

Clarity on your skills and abilities

Guidance in selecting College Programs that Support your Goals

More Confidence in Audition Skills

Less Anxiety and Stress around Repertoire/School Selection

Understanding of the Audition Process and what schools are looking for

Professional Pre-Screening Videos to help you get auditions at your top schools

Feel fully prepared

Get Crystal Clear on your Typing

Individualized song selection

Individualized monologue selection

Letters of Recommendation

Parental Support

Weekly Task Lists

Health and Wellness strategies



Who are our clients?

We work with High School Students interested in applying to college for the performing arts in Musical Theater and/or Acting.  

Our students are:

  • Hardworking and driven
  • Open-minded
  • Willing to take consistent action
  • Dedicated to honing their skills
  • Willing to be held accountable for progress


Who is not the best fit?

  • Unsure about applying to college in the arts

  • Unable to pay for our services

  • Already in College

  • Already work with a committed Voice Instructor & Acting coach

  • Unwilling to do the work required

  • Unwilling to take our advice and counsel

  • Unwilling to complete tasks in a timely fashion

What makes us different?

We believe there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” college program in the arts.  We help our clients get CLEAR about their professional and personal goals, become realistic about their skills and abilities, and empower them with inner and outer principles for success.  By tailoring our instruction to meet the individual needs and learning abilities of each student, we ensure they’re prepared to not only get into college, but to have success in school and beyond.  

We concerned with empowering you to take control of the college audition process and put your most excited, confident, and prepared foot forward.  What that means is that you get equal parts nurturing momma bears and tough-love motivational cheerleaders, who’ve always got your best interest at heart.  You’ll never be alone as we dive deep into helping you pick your ideal college programs and will hold you accountable every step of the way.